• Vertrauen login sequence

    From Ogg@VERT/CAPCITY2 to MRO on Sun Mar 21 20:56:00 2021
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    Hello MRO!

    ** On Sunday 07.03.21 - 14:21, MRO wrote to Ogg:

    i had a lot of login shit and i asked the users if they
    wanted to see it or not. i got sick of seeing it. most of
    them voted that they wanted to see it, so i made a menu that
    lets them toggle what they want to see. i use flags for it.

    It's nice to have a bbs that is responsive to user's requests.

    what gets my goat is going on these wanna be 'scene bbses'
    and seeing a 50 page scroller of ansi art. some bbses have
    tons of them in the login. i dont care if i can even abort
    the viewing. i still hate it. -+- Synchronet :::

    I find the auto scrolling of unasked-for ansi art very
    disorienting. Some of the work is amazing with clever
    renderings. But if I want to browse through a collection, I'd
    rather make that decision for myself.

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